• Professional Development Training

    If you have employees, it is vital that you actively participate in all the professional development training they require. Active Listening Training and Conceptual Thinking Training are two of the most important, yet under-utilized forms of development. However, if you do not participate in the development process, it is very likely that you will be creating a job for yourself.

    Everyone needs to realize that employee development is a continuous process that cannot be controlled. It is your responsibility to continue to provide your employees with the appropriate training and resources as they need them. In order to keep your team going strong, you must continuously learn from their successes and failures. This will enable you to know when to add new learning and when to expand your training.

    Everyone learns differently. Most people have a limited understanding of what is required to succeed at any given time. For instance, the younger generation is very quick to learn; however, they have little or no concept of when it is appropriate to add new training to their regular work flow.

    Although, we want our US company to excel in all aspects of its operations, it is quite important that employees are constantly learning and being refreshed. The longer they are working without new learning, the more prone they are to burnout.

    Over time, the work / life balance of an employee, especially a junior one, becomes completely impacted by the demands of the job that he or she is doing for your US company. This can actually be an advantage, but it can also become a detriment if it does not happen on a timely basis.

    Many of your business' employees are self-employed or have their own businesses. Therefore, there is a great deal of added pressure that is associated with their well-being.

    When there is not enough time available to provide a full time schedule of activities to all of your employees, you need to consider implementing a part-time schedule of activities for everyone. However, there is no room to mess up this program.

    If you think that you can implement a part-time schedule of activities, you might want to think again. Many people who implement this program end up becoming extremely frustrated as they find that their time is stretched to the limit. Some individuals find that they have very little time left over after meeting their client's expectations, and yet, there is not enough time allotted for them to take advantage of their own personal hobbies.

    For many people, personal time is very limited. A typical person will take 10-15 minutes of personal time to plan a family outing, but you cannot afford to cut this short in order to fit an employee's training time in. Although, it is fine to add their personal time to the employee schedule as long as it fits into the overall schedule.

    Employee development programs are one of the best things that can happen to your company. Of course, we need to provide the training to everyone, but we must give them enough time in order to continue building their career.

    The important thing to remember is that you cannot take the person off the regular schedule. If your employee wants to take an afternoon nap or engage in other personal time, you have to make sure that they are able to make it. When we fail to follow this simple rule, we risk our reputation and our relationship with our employees.

    In order to keep the personal lives of our employees in order, we must ensure that they have a separate schedule to their professional schedule. We must ensure that everyone has a solid set of goals, that includes things like learning.